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Oaked wines with zero percent alcohol.

MRG Wines

Welcome to MRG Wines, a Swedish wine house who develops, produces and distributes wines of the highest quality, with one exception, everything we offer are free from alcohol.

All of our wines are aged in bulks, the same way as it has been done for generations. When the wine have reached its full potential and the characteristics we desire the wine is de-alcoholized with a unique and patented method. The result is that the wine keeps its natural flavours and aromas.

It tastes like wine and has all of the positive attributes of a wine.


Our red wines are today represented by a classic Merlot and a modern Cabernet Sauvignon from France. Both of them are aged on oak barrels for at least one year.


How about a French elegant sparkling Blanc de Blanc from the world’s foremost champagne expert Richard Juhlin, made on chardonnay grapes from Langedouc? And from Morouj we have our bestselling sparkling wine produced on an excellent mix of grapes from the valley of Mosel. On top of that we have our very popular still Chardonnay from Bourgogne.


Today we have two different Rosé wines under the brand Morouj. Our still Rosé are fruity and classic while our sparkling Rosé is an excellent alternative for moments worth celebrating. Both of the wines are produced on tempranillo grapes from Spain.


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Our products

Richard Juhlin
Blanc de Blancs

Richard Juhlin Blanc De Blancs is an excellent sparkling wine from. France made of chardonnay grapes with bite, well balanced crisp and beautiful tones of lime and green apples. The wine is aged in small oak barrels and then de-alcoholized with a unique and patented method- method which means that the wine keeps its natural aromas and character. Richard Juhlin is renowned as the world’s foremost champagne-expert. Respected for his unique nose and sense of taste.

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Richard Juhlin
Blanc de Noirs

This wine will be launched during 2015. Richard Juhlin Blanc De Noirs is a classic sparkling wine made of 100% pinot noir grapes from from France.

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A robust, non-alcoholic red wine made of merlot-grapes from carefully selected vineyards in France. The wine is silky with hints of blackberry and works well with most dishes- but is extra suited for meat and tasty cheeses

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A half-dry wine made of chardonnay-grapes from the Bourgogne district in France exactly like the best chardonnay wines from France. The wine is proper balanced with some acidity and some sweetness. It works splendid with both fish and white meat, but also works well with heavier and hotter flavours.

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Cabernet Sauvignon

A robust non-alcoholic red wine with gentle features of of black currant and a touch of fresh mint. The wine is made of grapes from France and is endorsed by Richard Juhlin. Morouj Cabernet Sauvignon works best with grilled or fried meat and to a nice a chease platter.

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A fruity non-alcoholic wine made of tempranillo grapes from Spain. If served chilled on a warm summer’s day the wine reaches its full potential. Served as a refreshment or with a salad or with grilled food.

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Sparkling wine

A classic non-alcoholic sparkling wine made of a well-balanced mix of Riesling and Müller-Thurgau grapes from the valley of Mosel in Germany. The wine is well balanced between acidity and sweetness and works really well at more celebrative occasions. Best served chilled and works equally as good to starters as desserts.

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Sparkling Rosé

A lovely fruity non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé made of tempranillo-grapes from Spain. The freshness of the wine and its flowery flavor is best emphasized when the wine is cold. An obvious choice at celebrations and good to canapés and fruity desserts.

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About us

Everyone is welcome to the party

MRG Wines AB is a Swedish wine-house who develops, produces and distributes non-alcoholic premium-wines. Our vision is to make non-alcoholic beverages more available and by high quality turn old opinions and norms about non-alcoholic beverages around.

Our beverages has its legacy from old classic handcraft but with a new patented technology we create modern non-alcoholic wines.

We have high demands on both our producers when it comes to the production of grapes and on the end products quality and character..

We offer non-alcoholic beverages where the flavors and aromas have had the possibility to grow because of the unique de-alcoholization process.

A good alternative so that everyone can gather and enjoy the flavors, scents and experiences!


Moa Gürbüzer 

The founder of MRG Wines AB is an educated therapist and social worker who have worked with families where alcohol has been a problem. She has seen all the negative sides which alcohol can lead to and felt that there was a lack of good alternatives to alcohol.

– My ambition is to change what is consider normal when it comes to drinking alcohol. The culture around alcohol is that you have to explain why you don’t drink. For me it is more important that everyone feels included and enjoy the company of each other. No matter if you don’t drink alcohol because of your religion, age, are pregnant, drives, sober alcoholic or just don’t want to drink.

– We work hard to produce non-alcoholic premium-wines which taste good and deserves its spot on the dining table. If you would like to have wine with or without alcohol should be the question. Kind of like would you like your coffee with or without milk?”


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You’ll find our wines at Systembolaget, in Supermarkets and at Restaurants..

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